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Don’t know too much other it was owned at one point of its life by Dickie Betts guitarist for the Allman Brothers. Been sitting about 5 months. Mostly a Florida truck but has been around the US of A a time or two.
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1994 Ford Bronco XLT, 5.8L, Automatic , Manual Hubs, Stock
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Update on Dickie (94 Bronco XLT) I’ve been working on getting him all cleaned up and running right. After the radiator swap with an all aluminum Champion radiator I went on the adventure of finding new trans cooler lines. Tried many different fixes but after they all failed I found a set of lines on inline tubes for a 93. The top cooler line was perfect but the bottom had to be modified because the 93 did not have the front oil cooler like the 94+ does. I refilled the coolant performed an oil service and now he’s running like a champ.
The tailgate and rear window hardware were completely rusted and inoperable so after many hours of trying to get them to move with pb blaster, I started take apart the hardware. It was so rusted most of the pieces just snapped and left me with a window that was stuck halfway down. I took a set of bolt cutters and cut all the hardware out and pulled it out from inside the truck. I then took vice grips and pulled the metal wires that control the latches on each side and was finally able to open the tailgate!! This made me very happy. Still not quite sure what I’m going to do to replace but I’ll get back to that.
On a few parts of the body there was rust and because I plan to Line-X the exterior I decided to use Bondo to repair. Came out pretty good for my first time working with it.
Next step is pulling out the seats to rip out the old carpet. Wish me luck!! Praying none of those bolts snap.

I also need to replace the rear main seal, and ball joints. But those will have to wait a bit. I’m ready to drive the sucker already!