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For what I understand, it used to be an old park ranger Bronco I still need to run the VIN for history. I've had a history of "wheeling and dealing" but have always wanted a "big" Bronco. So I had a 1996 Chevy C1500 with the 4.3L Vortec that I ended up having to do a big head gasket job and rear frame work from when the original owner lowered the truck. Well I was searching through Craigslist and found what my Bronco is now for $2,300 or trade. I told my self "I have to have it" 73,000 original miles. Contacted the owner and he said to come out and look at it. I was a fat kid that had to have the biggest chocolate candy bar in the store; except I'm not fat at all weighing out at 150lbs at 22 years old at the time but still 150lbs and 25 years old and its still 2018. ANYWAYS, I talked the guy into trading me the Bronco for my C1500 that was also nearly rust free, got the bronco home; washed it up, cleaned it and it was my daily for about a year and the AOD transmission that was in it went out, I was than forced to go to the junk yard get a different one that was supposedly awesome, well it wasn't. I took it to Aamco (worst mistake in my life) and spent about $2,000 for them to do an entire rebuild on it, got it back and it was so much worse, called up there and they screwed me, called corporate and said they can't help me. Wasnt worth my time to get lawyers involved, so i continued to drive the bronco while being unsatisfied and working at O'Reilly Auto Parts went out one night after work and went to start the bronco and just wouldnt start, so my buddy Brant who is a Fuel Injected guru and a Subaru guru took me to the gas station to get gas. Still didnt start, couldnt get it to start for nothing, still got it running finally and it ran like A**!! tried to start it the next day and wouldnt start. People were telling me all sorts of things was wrong with the engine internally. SO I teared the engine down and rebuilt it, put a little bigger cam in it, trashed the AOD transmission and got a C6 transmission and a NP208. Had driveshafts made to length and now im driving it after carb'ing the 5.0L engine. love it.
1989 Ford Bronco (White)


5.0 L carb'd H.O. engine, C6 transmission with 2000# stall, np208 transfer case because who needs a push button transfer case?
gutted interior, new EZ 21-circuit universal harness, sparco racing seats
none LOL
soon to be 6 inch rough country suspension

right now it has a 4 inch black diamond lift
Wheel and Tire
15" dick creep - 35" thornturds


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