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I looked for a few years off and on before i found this Bronco, i'd looked at a lot of cars mostly all disappointingly refurbished and been played around with in some way, i though to myself maybe i cant go back to an old era car again? I had owned a Bronco 15years ago, i loved it! but it was rough, it was an offroad play thing. I wanted another but i was looking for basically a new car! Then i found her, an unmolested original Bronco in A1 Cond. just 160,000 original klm, C6 Auto, 351C, bone stock apart from the ford optional 31" tyre size (it had the original 235 75/15" spare, it's secured by an original Ford stamped padlock!). A Holley 600 (although the original quadrajet carb came with it), has had a very pampered life from 3 owners, 2 were long term owners of 15 years each they were old work mates who passed her down. The first owner was the boss and owner of a transport trucking company, it was his company car, the cars colour code is '9' which is all white but he had it painted two tone green from the dealership before he took delivery, the green was a match for his transport trucks green, i dont know the color name or if its even a ford green? The second owner was his employed mechanic who serviced his trucks and the Bronco, so the second owner has know the car from new! they both had her around 15yrs each! its never seen rough country, always garaged! The guy i bough it from had it 3 years stored under cover, he didn't do anything with it apart from take off the LPG that was put on at some stage? and put on the Holley Carb, he only drove it about 4,000klm. Very original & unmolested one of the very few A1 Condition Broncos in Australia.

While its VIN plate is 2/83 it does have 82 items fitted, such as the tailgate & the 82 locking strikers, and it has the pre 83 D44 Bolt type housing (not the 83 circlip type), usually July 1st of each year is the build start year for new cars as it is today with brand new cars, so id say its an 82 build!
1983 Ford Bronco (White/Green)


Gear box, I will post a separate write up on gear box swap as its not your common g/box swap, ive searched FSB but i dont see that anyone's ever done one?, Im putting in a GM T700 4 Speed with O/D and controllable Lock up Convertor, all being done without use of a computer.

Engine, The 351C is in excellent condition, it purrs, runs smooth and doesn't blow a puff of smoke, however I want to make it more efficient and put out a few more pony's, therefore its going to a well regarded engine builder who will blueprint & balance it and turn it into a full 'roller engine' with total seal rings, fitting a mild roller cam. It may be stroked at the same time as cost difference is minimal, the engine builder specializes and recommended i go with a in 393ci. Also considering Edelbrock or Holley EFI kit, but thats a last resort mod, im hoping the Carby will do fine as i dont want any computers on my bronco! if it splutters and stalls on steep angles offroad i'll have the choice of EFI or Hollys Offroad Carby model as options.

Extra fuel tank to be fitted under LHS of 80lts, that plus the 33gallon rear tank (120lts) means i can carry 200lts and that's good for decent touring range.
Replacing original carpet & headliner, converting to electric windows and central locking, all else perfect condition inside, no cracks in dash or door skins, no tears or marks in seats!
All future plans below are mild just to make it more capable offroad, stronger, reliable and made to last! The Bronco is going to be my daily driver & tourer, shes a keeper!.
Happening Now: (26/Sept/16) [update- picked up 22/Nov/16 the bloody painter took 2 months!]
Address some slight rust in tailgate, pic shows it is pushing up paint and filler also so it must have been repaired before? but its only surface there's no rust holes, it will be all welded up where required.
Small rust bubble in body tub seam join, this seam will be welded over to seal it up, it will look like one body piece.
Some small cracks around rear of door gutter, I have cut an interior access hole in the pillar and the paint shops welder will weld in a doubler plate, this will stiffen it and ensure it never cracks again and far better than fords original service bulletin procedure to epoxy in steel angle pieces.

The above body faults are all common but minor, (there is no rust on firewall) however it will all be done properly now while its in good condition so rust never returns!

As an extra all internal panel areas i.e. tailgate and side sail pillars are to be treated with a rust preventative paint Por15, Por15 will be used as preventative measure wherever light or surface rust pops up..
Stock and leaving it Stock! I like the old school radio with the dials to tune lol, not into loud speakers, its mostly crap music and advertisements these days anyway, i hate annoying announcers especially fake laughter put on in the morning shows, mostly when i drive the radios off! I will have to just find some tapes for the Tape Deck:)
3-4" lift JBG
4.10 ratios, Yukon
Eaton Truetracks, Front and Rear
Upgrade Front Dana44 Axels to RCV
Upgrade Rear 9" 31 Spline Axels to Yukon 35Spline

Actual: 22/12/16
4" Procomp Stage II kit (on order)
3.5" Deaver leaf springs (on order)
4.56 ratios, Motive Performance D44
4.57 ratios, Motive Performance 9"
Eaton E-Locker, Front
Eaton Truetrack, Rear
Kept stock D44 30spline Axels, just replaced the 3 Uni's. (rcv to dear, maybe get later if i snap an axel?)
Upgraded Rear 9" 31 Spline Axels to Yukon 35Spline
Currie Enterprises HD 9" Carrier to suit the 35spline Truetrack & Currie Big Bearing Daytona pinion support.
Wheel and Tire
33" tyres Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 295/70R17
17" american racing wheels, machined face with black ring
17x9" -24OS 4.06BS
(found these wheels were not available in Australia)

Actual: 20/12/16
35" Cooper S/T MAXX 35x12.5-15"
15" Speedy 'Desert Rat' Steel Wheels in White,
15x8" -24OS 3.56BS



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