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My first true 4x4 bought it summer of 2015, had tons of electrical issues the dealer where I got it from took it in as a trade a few days before I got it and was being sold as is. Would only start with a jumper box but it idle so smooth. Finally took it for test drive they literally gave me the keys and said don't hurt your self me and my dad drove about a mile or so felt like the suspension was gone in the front but I still wanted to get it, drove that Bronco to my house that day 37 and it was solid as long as I drove straight. Wife was mad when she first seen it she taught I was getting something smaller like an s10 blazer. Nope!

Hardcore dirty grey interior looked black, dust and dirty everywhere but looKS great now. So far trimmed front bumper to cleared wheels when turning, pull automatic 3 bolt hubs (hardcover wheel bearing play) put in warn manual locking one's repack the bearings and now all good. Pulled Trans to check. On the drop filter symptom and It was true, but all bolts stripped so I ended up doing a helicoil to every pan hole. Full tune up plugs, wires, cap and rotor and coil. Added K&N intake Now runs and drive pretty good. Could used as daily driver but it's mostly for days off and when it rains. Gone out with it once for a quick 4x4 test at the dry river bottom, did well. Made roof bars/rack to pulled the top off and it worked well, more to come
1995 Ford Bronco (Red)



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