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Eddie Bauer
Oh so much history. Check out my build thread for details... ..but, long story short... ..I saw this truck down the block. It was covered in dust and debris. The interior stank of wet dog and fungi, it wouldn't start, wouldn't even budge. It had a cracked manifold and two owners. I am the third owner of this wonderful truck and it has taken my family here, there, and back again many times. Since I don't have a garage or carport I have to do most of the work in the sunlight or at a buddy's shop. I've rebuilt the brakes. Tore apart and reset the top end. I've done a few TSB's. I added a cargo rack, updated sound system, and some stuff to protect the electronics for said sound system. I installed a rack for my fishing poles. The rest is, well, history.
1990 Ford Bronco (Red/Tan)


The top end came apart right away when I got the truck, new gaskets and a stuck injector. Bank 2 exhaust manifold was cracked. So, I replaced it with one from an '89 F150. Dipstick tube was missing, so I grabbed one from a '91 FSB. I've finally done my last non 6 litre tune-up (I hope, we need to move further North). I've been through a couple of ignition modules, one coil, and a handful of sets of spark plugs (Motorcraft copper only). Last winter I had the top end taken apart and new gaskets all over as well as resetting the timing. I've organized, reorganized, and re-reorganized my wires. The only way I think I could make them look better would be if I could delete them entirely.
Seat covers (Camo). Fishing Pole rack. Rope rack. Cargo Net. Fuel pump access panel. Center Console extension. Ambient blue lights. Amplifier kick plate/footrest.
Cargo rack. 33" tires. 20" light bar and 4" bumper mounted fog lights on a three stage switch. Spare tire swing out carrier with trail gear attachments (red neck style). I also have a "Patriot" Jack ball that I'm very proud of. My truck has American Flags everywhere and my little jack ball is the proverbial "cherry on top".
Modern Stereo with Am/Fm, Aux, BT, CD, MP3. 1k Watt Amp. 10" Sub in custom grilled box. Adventure gear always ready to go.
Not done here. There is a color scheme. Red for chassis and coils. Black for suspension. Blue for powertrain.
Wheel and Tire
33X10.5R15 BFG A/T. Stock E.B. wheels with 1/4" spacers.



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