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Bronco XLT
Blue & White
XLT, 5.8L 4spd automatic
Well I got it from a good friend, who had it for about 10 years. just about everything has been re-built. it has 276,000 +/- showing. It's all stock as of now but it is a Work In Progress. I got the Bronco in Aug 2016. Well here it is the middle of April and Still haven't got to drive it.....
1994 Ford Bronco XLT (Blue & White)


for now the Stock 5.8L/ 351 W, will stay, I plan on upgrading the Air filter system soon, and maybe a better exhaust system later.
all Stock XLT trim, but I'd like to add a roll bar/cage. I also have plans for some kind of Rifle racks in it. That big old sub speaker box, has to go!! LOL!!
Plans to change Gearing to 4.10, with Locker in rear, 4" lift, and 33/34" tall tires in the future. I plan on making some rust repairs to the body and repaint, adding a Reese style hitch to the front. Mainly for a removable winch with remote hook ups front and rear. Additional transmission cooler, & external filter. I'm planning on upgrading the Charging system to a 130a/3G alt, and a Larger Charging wire/fuse, and adding a few lights to the front, along with some for the rear for backing up. LOL!!
I also am thinking about a rack on the roof, of some kind.
IDK yet, as of now Sony unit and I guess stock speakers. I haven't got that far yet.
As of now it is Stock, I plan to add new Shocks, 4" lift system
Plans for Gearing change from 3L.50's to 4.10's with a posi-trac unit in the rear
Wheel and Tire
I'm staying with the Stock chrome directional's for now. I plan on putting on a set of TSL SX2 -45, 33X9.50X15's On the Stock wheels.



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