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  1. The dreaded EGR delete questions.

    1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    Hi yall my 90 bronco 4.9 has been giving me egr codes for a few weeks (dont have the codes on hand). id like to delete it as ive already removed the A I R pump and will remove the injection tubes when i redo my leaky exhaust system. What would be the best way of removing the egr completly while...
  2. 4.9 rough idle / no power above half throttle

    Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    Hello y'all My 1990 Bronco 4.9 has been giving me hell. I decided to replace my whole ignition system. New plugs, wires, distributor and coil. My plugs are motocraft copper cores and my timing is set to 12°. Before I did this my truck ran well, but I felt replacing 30 year old parts would be...
  3. Hey i need help!!!

    i have a 1990 eddie b. edition bronco. and this problem has been puzzling me for about a week now. when i turn the key, you know how you usually hear the buzzing of the fuel pump and then it stops? yea well mine isnt doing that anymore. it tries to fire up but is reciving no gas so it kinda just...