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  1. General Discussion/ Bronco and Wheeling related.
    Well it's finally happening. I've wanted a 5 speed swap almost as long as I've had the truck, I never was a big fan of the ttb, and when I discovered the 4bt I decided I had to have one. Finding all of this locally for a decent price was difficult, but I think I made out alright. Subject of the...
  2. Blog
    I wanted to put these pics in my blog, so I don't have to find them in other posts ;o) :popc1: [/IMG] Just a pose, And the emblem that makes the FSB.....
  3. Blog
    The shop called yesterday, to tell me that BeastLeah is FINALLY done!! It took them a month alone to figure out this "parasitic load" that was draining my brand-new battery dead!.. :smilie_slap..I haven't talked to the actual mechanic who fixed it, but you can bet your butt I will! Damn...
1-3 of 3 Results