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  1. 1989 Bronco no start

    so I have a 89 bronco with a brand new 5.0 302 in it, I put about 25 miles on the new engine just taking it on a test drive, and I noticed it sounded like it didn't want to start when I stopped about halfway through the test drive but it did start. I drove it home just fine it ran great and felt...
  2. California speed density EFI for sale from 1990 302.

    Bronco and Ford Parts/Accessories
    Hey i pulled the fuel injected 302 out of my bronco in favor of a new build, and i'm selling all the fuel injection stuff from it. everything except the long block which i'm giving to a friend for in his volvo (hehh heh!) anyhow it includes the wiring harness, computer, and everything else you...
  3. high idle, whats next? nothing changes. 91 302

    Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    this is a 91 302 w/ E40D 4x4 4:10 axles w/ limited slip... its an f-150 with a 36xxx on the 5 digit odometer, but i dont think there are any differences that would change the diagnosis compared to a bronco we just bought it, so the history is vauge, plus the guy lied about at least 2 things...
  4. No Vacume Rebuilt wont start

    Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    ok so its a 1989 5.0 302 rebuilt engine. it was rebuilt by me due to a stupid mistake on my part after i bought it i never checked the intake and it was missing part of it and the fan shot water into the airbox and into the engine thus hydrolocking it ok so heres my problem it wont start...
  5. Need 88 Bronco Computer

    Want to buy Parts/Accessories/Misc other items
    I was told my 1988 Bronco with a 302 needs a new computer. Does anyone have a used one they want to sell? Email me at [email protected] if you can help me here. Thanks!
  6. ford 5.0l help

    General Discussion/ Bronco and Wheeling related.
    i have what i was told a 1989 ford 302, i ripped it all apart and i found this, it has stock 4 inch bore, has the 2m crank, dished pistons, im pretty sure e7te heads, and roller lifter set-up and so on and so on, i need to know if its the H.O. or ther regular output engine ill get numbers off...