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  1. 1978-'79 Bronco Tech
    Just wondering if anybody else has had these issues besides me and how they went about fixing them. I ordered a 4 inch lift kit from bronco graveyard a couple months ago and they sent me a message saying it's backorder right after, now I've sent them several messages about an ETA with not...
  2. Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    So I have a 89 fsb with the 302 and aod transmission and just picked up a 95 f350 with a efi 460 and zf5 4x4 so im starting to pull everything from the f350 and want to get around 350+hp and 450tq I’m using everything off the f350 including axles and everything My budget is 3000$ into install...
1-2 of 2 Results