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  1. Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    1995 Bronco XLT hey guys I know there are a couple of threads regarding this already but Im definitely a hardcore noob and I didn’t want to hijack anybody’s thread. Also most of those seemed to be for 91’s and 92’s, not sure how much carries over to a 95 But basically, earlier today I started...
  2. 1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    I have a '92 with a manual transfer case which shifts into and out of gear just fine, however, the dash indicators for being in gear do not turn on at all. I know the bulbs are good and they even flicker a bit when turning the truck on, its been like this since I bought the truck about a year...
  3. Introductions
    I’m a new member to the community but have been following for a few months. Going to share my story about my 1981 Bronco that has been parked for 7 years and I finally have the funds to fix it up. I bought it from its only owner who pulled the original 351w and c6 tranny and swapped in a 1979...
  4. 1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    How To Drive a Bronco / OBS Ford Without A Rear Differential / Daily Driven Broncos EP 5
  5. Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    In the market for a zf5 or m5od trans crossmember to fit a 1995 Ford Bronco. Starting to piece things together for an E4od to ZF5 swap. Will pay shipping
    $150 USD
  6. 1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    so the other day i was going about 50 on the highway and my bonehead friend thought it was a good idea to go ahead and push my 4x4 button and i immediately clicked it off but then my transfer case made some nasty whining noise and went away, now today theres a bit of humming at higher speeds...
  7. 1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    So while im saving up money to get everything up to date i went down to check on the wiring of the solenoid pack, while looking i decided to check the transfer, never go off road so i never really paid attention, well...... It looks like the previous owner just threw away the previous...
  8. Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    Hi all! I’m new. I have a 96 XL with the double stick. I want to add a few accessory lights for off roaring but also want to keep the look of the truck as stock as possible. i had this brilliantly stupid idea to buy an old 4x4 button made for the more “luxurious” Broncos and use it as an...
  9. 1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    I have a 93 with a blown e40d I'm looking to replace with a c6 I have a complete late 80s parts bronco with the c6 both have the 5.0 I know I need to use the trans mount transfer case and drive shafts. Thinking about putting a slap shift in the floor what all would I need to do for the swap and...
  10. Introductions
    I just got me 1994 Ford Bronco XL for my first vehicle. Needs a little bit of work, gonna be taking out the body lift and taking out a locker in the rear differential so I can actually drive it on the road. If you have any tips or tricks let me know.
  11. Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    I recently noticed that my 4x4 has stopped working. I have the electric buttons for 4x4 and low range options. The low range button works and the light on the dash appears but when I try to put it into 4x4 I hear a tic where the control module is located and no dash light appears. I ran a test...
  12. Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    Hello, I just bought a 1994 Bronco Eddie Bauer Edition with the electronic transfer case and I’m having some issues with the 4x4. When I bought it, the 4x4 was not working and the transfer case motor was unplugged. I replaced the motor and now it’ll shift into 4 high and 4 low without any...
  13. Broncos for Sale!
    First Off, listing for a Co-Worker at the bank. She does not have the internet at her house, nor a digital camera so I'll be taking pictures later in the week for all those are interested. 1988 Ford Bronco -Red -Red Interior -A/C, Heater, Speakers, All work exceptional she says... -302 -Auto...
1-14 of 15 Results