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  1. Spark, fuel pressure, crank, and compression, no start

    1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    I've got an 86 with a 302, recently just wouldn't start, have replaced cap, coil, TFI module, pickup, plugs, and the wires, but still won't start. Tried both HO and non HO firing order, timing has gone 360 degrees, just will not start. Is there anyone who has had this problem and could offer...
  2. SOLD⚠️⚠️⚠️ NV 1996 Bronco Eddie Bauer 165k $5000

    Broncos for Sale!
    1996 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer with low miles for year. 5.0L V8, E4OD, Auto locking hubs, Keyless entry, remote start, 164k miles. This is essentially one of the most expensive Broncos that could be purchased off the assembly line being the last year and highest trim. I hate to sell it, as the...
  3. 5.8L Timing Bump - A Perspective

    First, a little history: The Sixlitre Tune-up and Timing Bump originated in Mustang Forums centered around the 5.0L Mustang. This modification transitioned into the now famous FSB post by Sixlitre in 2005 and then follow-up sewiv technical writeup ignition upgrade and timing bump in 2006 which...
  4. No Vacume Rebuilt wont start

    Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    ok so its a 1989 5.0 302 rebuilt engine. it was rebuilt by me due to a stupid mistake on my part after i bought it i never checked the intake and it was missing part of it and the fan shot water into the airbox and into the engine thus hydrolocking it ok so heres my problem it wont start...
  5. ford 5.0l help

    General Discussion/ Bronco and Wheeling related.
    i have what i was told a 1989 ford 302, i ripped it all apart and i found this, it has stock 4 inch bore, has the 2m crank, dished pistons, im pretty sure e7te heads, and roller lifter set-up and so on and so on, i need to know if its the H.O. or ther regular output engine ill get numbers off...