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  1. Discuss the 2021+ Bronco Here
    Ford wants to bring back a program similar to Cash for Clunkers as a way to give the auto industry a boost after the Coronavirus is dealt with, according to Bloomberg. I think this is a clever idea because when they did Cash for Clunkers back in 2009 there was definitely a surge in new cars...
  2. Discuss the 2021+ Bronco Here
    The Detroit Auto Show has officially been cancelled because of Coronavirus and it won't be rescheduled later this year. The venue will now be used as a FEMA field hospital. It was inevitable that it was going to be cancelled but it still sucks regardless...
  3. Discuss the 2021+ Bronco Here
    MSNBC is reporting that Ford, GM, and Chrysler are shutting down production at all their U.S. plants in response to Coronavirus. Which means we're more than likely seeing a delay with the Bronco, both versions...
1-3 of 3 Results