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dana 60

  1. Pharaoh Build | '93 F-150 | Coyote Motor | 6R80 | '07 Dana60 & Sterling10.25 SAS

    Solid Axle Swaps
    Hey everyone! My name is Robert and I am a newcomer to the forum. I have a virgin '93 F-150, 2-door, short-bed, 4x2 that I am starting to build. My hopes are too strip the truck down to the frame and rebuild it from the ground up. Starting with the frame and suspension. I would love some...
  2. I know of a 1978 F-350 for sale. D60s. 351. $2000

    Dixie Chapter
    I met a guy that has a rough f-350 for sale. it is a 1978 and have dana 60s front and rear, 35s, no lift, needs a new bed but the cab is ok. and has a 351. I don't have any pictures but if anyone is interested I could get in touch with the guy and get you in touch with him. He's asking 2000 and...
  3. D60 SAS and 10.25 swap... finally (56k=death)

    Solid Axle Swaps
    I haven't even had my ttb lift on my bronco for that long now, but I want to move on to a sas. I should have never bought a lift for the stupid ttb. :banghead After collecting parts for some time now and talking about starting to tear down my bronco, I finally started yesterday. :banghead...