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  1. dash wiring

    does anyone have a diagram of all the wires underneath the dash? I need mainly one for the ignition and I need to know what voltage all the wires should have and which ones should be hot when the key is turned to crank
  2. Georgia "Wait to start" instrument panel 96 Bronco or truck

    Want to buy Parts/Accessories/Misc other items
    Hey I'm looking for a used (because LMC truck and broncograveyard don't sell new ones) indication panel that goes in the instrument bezel next to the 4x4 switch in a 96 F-350. I know this might be a problem because I need one from a diesel with the "wait to start" at the top but the two I have...
  3. DirtyKidz Central CA

    1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    Showin you my 85: 351w, c6, etc & etc.with some problems. check out the pics: dirty as a mofo I'm hearing some knocking from this neck of the woods. This is looking north towards the port side of the tranny. Isn't there supposed to be some bolts here? Wasps' nest on my starter: thought...