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  1. Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    1988 bronco 5.0 I if there is another forum please send me link and I will delete this one. When I bypass the ac pressure switch, the ac compressor turns on, but the engine wants to die and it will die if I let it sit there. But If I take out the bypass wire the car will start to run normally...
  2. 1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    I have a 87 with a 351 and Edelbrock AVS1 carb. About 5 months ago when I turned at a red light the truck bogged down at acceleration then went back to full power. I didn't think much of it. Did it a few more times over the next several weeks then truck went into the body shop for 2 months...
  3. 1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    Its a long one, hope you got time for a story... :itsatrap Once upon a time there was a little thing called Karma. Okay I finally sucked it up and spent the $1000 + dollars (that I dont have, which drove me wayyyy into debt) to register and insure my truck to make it legal for road use. After...
1-3 of 3 Results