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  1. Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    Im looking around the internet for some way to diagnose my map sensor just in case its the problem child of my idle. But all i find is using a wave lenght measurement to be able to diagnose it, any other way for me to check ? I know theres one where you pull a vacuum with a hand pump Also i...
  2. Fabrication, Tools, Equipment
    Just an iPad mount I designed for the interior of my Bronco. The iPad was my wife's, but since I bought her a new one as a Christmas present last year, this has been sitting on the shelf. Turns out, it has a GPS chip, so I'm planning on using it as a Map or GPS unit. The part that holds the iPad...
  3. Blog
    Here is the word on MAP/BAP... The MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensor measures Vacuum Pressure for the PCM which constantly changes depending upon engine load. Typically used in EFI Speed Density, the MAP provides instananeous Manifold Pressure data which is cross-referenced with engine...
1-3 of 3 Results