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  1. 1988 351 FSB starts fine and immediately stalls after 2 seconds or so, can’t find much on the web.

    Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    This is a topic I’ve seen posted around the internet, but suggestions vary wildly. Looking at the truck 2 weeks ago before I bought it, it started and ran fine (and supposedly has for years as a daily) but while looking at it it quit wanting to start at all. The guy replaced the fuel pump relay...
  2. How To Properly Wire Your PMGR Mini-Starter

    Over the years, your old Direct Drive OEM Starter has probably been very reliable. These starters utilize a large field coil to create a magnetic field which moves the drive gear into contact with the flywheel. But eventually you probably have found several performance issues that may have...
  3. Hey i need help!!!

    i have a 1990 eddie b. edition bronco. and this problem has been puzzling me for about a week now. when i turn the key, you know how you usually hear the buzzing of the fuel pump and then it stops? yea well mine isnt doing that anymore. it tries to fire up but is reciving no gas so it kinda just...