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  1. Is a SAS worth it for me?

    Solid Axle Swaps
    Hi yall I have a few questions on SAS my bronco, my idea is to go up 6 inches in 375\65\16 (36x15.50r16) and id like to know is a SAS would be worth the time and money? I dont do any extreme offroading, AKA no rock crawling or mudding with a big block. My truck is my daily and weekend trail rig...
  2. Solid Axle Swap

    1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    I have a 92 Bronco XLT with stock suspension and 31x10.50r15 BFG All-Terrains and 2inch wheel spacers. It looks ok but it’s not enough. I recently bought some 35x12.50r17 Nitto Mud Grapplers without rims and I need to find some soon. Of course, in order to fit 35’s you need some lift. Some say...
  3. HMOR Tim '94 EB Build

    78 - 96 Build Forum....Builds only
    Wow, what a history this truck has! I bought this truck in 2008 with 94k miles. It was stock, clean and ran great (still does BTW with over 160k). So many hours have gone into this build over a couple transformations. Current Build specs to date 1994 Eddie Bauer 5.8L / 351W, D60 SAS, 35 spline...
  4. Pharaoh Build | '93 F150 | SAS '07 Dana60 & Sterling10.25 | Coyote Swap | 6R80 Swap

    Hey everyone! My name is Robert, from Wilmington, NC. I just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself and hopefully meet some of the other members. I have '93 F-150, Shortbed, Single Cab, 2x4 with the 4.9 and 5speed manual that I starting to build. After years of wanting one I finally...
  5. Pharaoh Build | '93 F-150 | Coyote Motor | 6R80 | '07 Dana60 & Sterling10.25 SAS

    Solid Axle Swaps
    Hey everyone! My name is Robert and I am a newcomer to the forum. I have a virgin '93 F-150, 2-door, short-bed, 4x2 that I am starting to build. My hopes are too strip the truck down to the frame and rebuild it from the ground up. Starting with the frame and suspension. I would love some...
  6. 86Bronk86 1 Ton SAS Build

    Solid Axle Swaps
    Howdy Guys, long time lurker here. Used to be 86Bronk but I can't figure out how to log back into that account, HAH! I've owned this bronco since I was 17 (32) now, figured after the trans shit the bed, it was time to take her apart and build a trail beater. Because who doesn't like a full size...
  7. 86 f250 dana 44 sas

    hey all! just joined fsb! i have an 86 f250 with the 44ttb and i have a 78 dana 44 here that i have cut all perch's and shock mounts off already and have my new perchs to weld on my question is has anyone done this? i dont have money for a 60 sas so thats out of the question i no a little bit...
  8. The Drafthorse

    The beginning
  9. D60 SAS and 10.25 swap... finally (56k=death)

    Solid Axle Swaps
    I haven't even had my ttb lift on my bronco for that long now, but I want to move on to a sas. I should have never bought a lift for the stupid ttb. :banghead After collecting parts for some time now and talking about starting to tear down my bronco, I finally started yesterday. :banghead...
  10. BOSS's SAS Build

    Solid Axle Swaps
    Man it took for ever but I just got the call!! I'll pick them up monday and take lots of pics. I also got the cage shock mounts as well. School is almost out and I'll have the whole 10 bays of shop all to myself for building this bad boy!! :rockon