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  1. Gas Tank Rust

    I just got my Bronco back on the road, rode around a little while. Got back home to check oil and whatnot. A have a (dangerous) glass filter at the inlet to the carb. I was LOADED with rust and debris. URGH!! I ordered a 33 gal tank from ebay, amautoparts. $92.00, free shipping. I also ordered...

    I am looking at a 93 Bronco that has been sitting for 2 yrs. Owner says mtr and tranny rebuilt not long before parking it. Says didn't need this vehicle -too many to drive?! My question(s) what should I do/check before trying to start, old gas? injectors sticking? chg oil? what type comp checks...
  3. F-150 19 Gal fuel tank in 89 bronco?

    Noobie Bronco Tech Questions. Flame free zone!
    Hey all, I'm new to the forums and I just bought my 1989 Bronco for a winter project. My first issue is that the PO wanted to put a 19 Gal F-150 rear tank in the Bronco so it was low profile. So I have a 19 Gal tank and a new F-150 Sending Unit. But what I found is that the sending unit...