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  1. Rough idle and drives rough!!!! HELP

    Have a 88 bronco 5.0. Ive replaced every sensor on the motor. It recently started to idle rough and drive stupid. Starts jerking and wont shift right. It sounds like the air/fuel isnt right but ive changed everything i can think of. FPR, EGR,TPS,O2 sensor, water temp sensor, even the...
  2. 5.8L Timing Bump - A Perspective

    First, a little history: The Sixlitre Tune-up and Timing Bump originated in Mustang Forums centered around the 5.0L Mustang. This modification transitioned into the now famous FSB post by Sixlitre in 2005 and then follow-up sewiv technical writeup ignition upgrade and timing bump in 2006 which...
  3. timing bump-now idle problems

    1980-'96 Bronco Tech
    I recently did the ignition tune up and timing bump and now I have a rough, low idle and it sounds like it wants to die. Also, there seems to be more of a rattling in the engine at the low RPMs. heres the specs on the ig./timing -MSD cap,rotor, coil -Taylor Sipro wires -Autolite copper core...