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My '86 has a canister fuel filter but there’s no way I can get a replacement here for the filtering element. 2 choices, import a couple of them or change to the fuel filter that came in later models (available here). My questions are:
1.- is there any advantage in using canister filter?
2.- There are two lines going in and two lines coming out of the canister, one goes to the pump and the other is the return to the tank, so if I remove the canister how do I install the new filter? Should I remove the filtering element leaving the canister empty and place the cartridge filter after the fuel pump or should I remove the complete canister and replace it with the new filter?
3.- I’d prefer to send filtered fuel to the pump to protect it, so if I place a new filter before the pump, is it convenient put another one after the pump like newer models to protect injectors from particles coming from the pump?
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