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So last August when I got a real taste of working under my truck by changing my Oil pan and adding some shorties' with true duel exhaust. I decided I wanted a lift. I just didn't know what kind, and after much research and poking around this site I decided to skip the IFS lift and and run with the big dogs.

By that time it was already late September and I figured I would spend the winter gathering all the parts and doing more reading on EVERYTHING, so I could start the swap in the spring.

Too bad my camera melted half way during the swap so i lost many a photos. So I'll post what I have. ( Note, never leave your camera in the car in direct sun light in the middle of July.

This is how i started, bone stock.

picked this beaut up for $100 last October...let the fun begin :toothless

Started to clean it up, lots of PB blast and a wire brush

This is what happens when you don't remove the bolts in an even manor, always ALWAYS the X pattern! Little by little.....I got a little excited.:twak

Started getting cold but i was determined, moved into the garage.

Everything that came off it was it decent shape. Rusty and b!tch to get off, not bad.

It was a nice day around Christmas, so i moved back into the drive way to get some air while i cleaned it up. In the mean time i kept slowly buying parts trying not to brake the bank.

Skip forward a few months got it painted up nice and geared to 456 with an Aussie installed. My bronco was still my daily driver up until Mayish, when the brake lines failed and with closer inspection every hard line was rusted through. So i got my Stratus back from my Dad and decided to start tearing into it on Memorial Day weekend.

:rockon On contrary belief i did do some work too, but my girlfriend was always there to help where she could. Shes' going at some bolt, rivet or something.

Took a day to get out the IFS:chili:

These were harder to get off than anything else IMO, I hate rivets!

It looks like it can fly!

Here is where sh!t hit the fan...for real....

I did all that in one weekend, thought i had a pretty good pace going. Figured I'd get it done in about 2 maybe 3 weeks. So I decide I should take 18 credits over the summer:banghead, while working full time:banghead:banghead

oh well. no big deal, i work better under pressure so I'd be fine. Well the following weekend was my sisters birthday on Friday and my dads on Sunday. Crap, no time to work then, but its ok, I'll make up for it.

Well Sunday for my dads birthday we went down to the Redbull air races. Got hammered off redbull gray goose and jager.

Did you know that Redbull is banned in many countries because it can cause Gallbladder attacks/GI problems? Do you know Gallbladder Attacks feel identical to heart attacks? Worst pain of my short 21 years, woke up at 2:30am thinking i was dying.

Long story short, I was in and out of the hospital for 2~3 weeks and finally had surgery to remove my gallbladder on July 3rd.

Best quote from the whole ordeal-
Girlfriend sitting by my side - "Suck it up, it can't hurt that bad."
Nurse comes in 5 mins later to take a blood sample and checks my chart - "Oooh gallbladder attack....i had one of those...i'd rather go through child birth again..." nurse leaves
Girlfriend - "I owe you big, don't I? How about a turkey sandwich and a bj the next time nascar is on " :::made me feel better::

ANYWAYS - way behind schedule on SAS, school, work and everything else i finally got everything back in the swing of things.

Found some 38.5 and some front and rear bumpers on Craigslist.

Not the best picture but the front weighs about 200lbs and the rear weighs a hell of a lot more. They are very bulky but they guy that sold them said that he had no problem running over 4in trees in his 93 Bronco with them on.

38.5 vs 31s:toothless

I like;)

Many of you shot down my idea of the flat steel plate for the Xmember that i suggested. (It was a horrable idea to begine with) So i beefed it up with 2x4x.25wall tube across the bottom. I took Todd's extened RA idea as well as his cross member idea, both seemed to work fine. Much better than anything else, nice work dude:thumbup

You can see my old bitchy whore of a neighbor that called the cops and city ordnance on me ever day from May 28th through August 31st to complain about my "Ghetto Shit" according to her. Don't mind the drug dealers across the street lady, but don't you worry, it will be parked in front of her house for retaliation:popc1:

So here is where it sits as of Sunday night, were I have been doing nothing but busting my ars trying to get this thing road ready so i can brake in the rear gears.

It sits a bit ass low, but i figure i have to put that heavy front bumper on and those springs will compress a bit over time as well.

All and all I'm 95% done i would say; Shocks are on order from Cage, will be getting my steering tubes back from my uncles shop on Friday, in need of some extended brake lines, fix my exhaust hangers and i need to put the drive shaft u joints on.

I'm excited to drive her again, its been a very long 3 months.
Thanks for looking!


Oh yeah, my birthday was back in August, and my mom got me this cake thought I'd share, enjoy...

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Is the aussie upfront? if so, you've practically got to be thinking alloy shafts. that size tire will break ujoints up front without a whole lot of effort.

Edit: I'd be thinking about a truss and weld for the 8.8 too. Forgot about that. It's not up to the task of those tires either.

looks good though. you need a new camera so you can get a couple better shots of the RA's and the Tranny xmember you built, plus some steering.

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Oh yeah, my birthday was back in August, and my mom got me this cake thought I'd share, enjoy...

hey thats pretty sweet..... Check out what i got for my 21st b-day... My lovely girlfriend was slaving away making this thing.... Its got ground up cookie crumbs as "dirt" and monster trucks ( which i got to keep :beer)

Soil Monster truck Radio-controlled car Vehicle Games

end hijack...... By the way.... nice looking truck... And neighbors like that bring the suck! Ask me how i know...

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Is the aussie upfront? if so, you've practically got to be thinking alloy shafts. that size tire will break ujoints up front without a whole lot of effort.
You sir, are correct!

After about a year of having the lift i broke my first shaft/outter. The passerger side u-joint blew up on me last night:doh0715:

It finally gave out on me, luckly it was on the tiny hill/hump getting into my buddies property and not back in the field/woods. :twak

I have a spare shaft(s) laying around some place to replace for the time being, but I will definetly have to invest in some alloy shafts/u-joints before i do anything too crazys.

Lesson learned, that a locked D44 with 30 year stock shafts will brake.

I'll post up some cool pictures later tonight.
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