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Sup Guys. I have a problem,...i guess... I am going to do the body mounts over in my 94 in a month or so. The Problem is, is that im not a big fan of big body lifts. I want to replace the body mounts, and maybe gain only like 1". I want to do the Poly. mounts, instead of rubber, so i need help. Anyone know of a kit, or company that sells this? Thanks, any help is appreciated!

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1" body lift & poly mounts

Haustkraft wrote on 11-18-2003 02:20 PM:
Hey Dude, I havea question or two. I was told by Blaze that you have a 1" body mount/lift in your truck? Im looking for a good body mount kit, that only lifts it a little [like 1"]. Do you know where to get one [or where yu got yours?]. Also, i have heard that Poly is better than rubber? thanks, any help is appreciated!

I ordered 1" body lift blocks from here:

My truck's a 95 and the stock bolts measured:
2- 12mm x 115mm (front two)
2- 7/16" x 7" (back two)
6- 7/16" x 4" (the rest)

I added about an inch to these numbers and had a pretty fun time finding bolts in the proper lengths, but I eventually did.
I trimmed a little off of the bottom edge of my fan shroud and made new brackets for my front bumper out of some steel stock, to raise it an inch too. I already had notched it to clear my tow hooks, so it didn't interfere with the frame horn anyway. But it would of if it hadn't been done before. Uhhh, the rear bumper was made after the BL, and was designed to compensate for it.
I think that's it.
Oh yeah, poly body mounts suck. Provided you can even get your factory metal sleeves apart without fawking them up, in order to even be able to USE the poly mounts, the ride the give, in my opinion, sucks compared to the rubber ones. If your originals are shot, I'd suggest getting new rubber ones and forget the poly ones.
I'll root around and see if I can find my old pictures of those sleeves I was talking about above...

edit: here's those sleeves I was refering to:

I put some old pics up on my SF site of some other things pertaining to it. FWIW.


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The body mount sleeves are a royal PITA. In order to remove mine, I had to 'cook' the rubber off the sleeve, heat the sleeve and beat it apart........

If you're concerned about ride quality, don't do the Poly mounts. The ride quality isn't that bad, just a lot more small bumps are felt.

Personally, I like'em.
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