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1 ton axle backspacing?

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OK, I am trying to figure what bs to run with the 60 and the sterling, so i am looking for some measurements for the sterling please.
On my sas 44, with 3.75 bs, the inner bead to bead of the wheels on 15x10's is 58". my buddy with a 60 and 4.25 bs is 61 and daves is supposedly 65 with 2.75 bs,
SO, what I am trying to ascertain is what are the various distances on sterling rears with various backspacings.Could some of you, any of you, please take some measurements of what you have and let me konw what they are (again from the inner bead on the wheel to the other side inner bead on the wheel) and then let me know what bs you have.
so you know, this is all to keep radius arm rubbing to a minimum with the new 60 thats going in.
thanks all
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plug ugly said:
dont have that one. No one else has a sterling?
Somewhere around 65-3/4" WMS-WMS
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