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1 ton axle backspacing?

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OK, I am trying to figure what bs to run with the 60 and the sterling, so i am looking for some measurements for the sterling please.
On my sas 44, with 3.75 bs, the inner bead to bead of the wheels on 15x10's is 58". my buddy with a 60 and 4.25 bs is 61 and daves is supposedly 65 with 2.75 bs,
SO, what I am trying to ascertain is what are the various distances on sterling rears with various backspacings.Could some of you, any of you, please take some measurements of what you have and let me konw what they are (again from the inner bead on the wheel to the other side inner bead on the wheel) and then let me know what bs you have.
so you know, this is all to keep radius arm rubbing to a minimum with the new 60 thats going in.
thanks all
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ill measure my crap tommrow for you, but FYI, the dually sterlings missing the spacers ARE wider than the single wheel ones. you dont want to know how i learned that!
mine is 61" to the rim just on the other side of where the inner beads sits
15x10 rims. 2.75" backspacing
my other one is 64" to the rim just on the other side of the inner bead. stock ford wheels, which i will get a backspacing on tommorow.
plug ugly said:
thanks, and to verify zach, that is the 60 right? which years the 80's model versus the 78?
DOH, thats the 10.25's. ill ge the 60's WMS on my 78 this week,
my 78 D60 is 70 1/4" give or take 1/4" from wheel mount to wheel mount.
good luck clearing the D60 calipers. its gonna suck.....
im really starting to like my 38x12.5x15 TSL SXs. they are kicking ass. narrow, tall, and tough.
no idea of on road use, i have never driven them above 20 MPH
as for the crawlers. the yseem to working out here. i would be concerned about on road wear due to the tread they are leaving on the rocks.
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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