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I have a used Bronco Superlift TruSpeed Sensor Calibrator for below models:

FORD Year Sub-Model Part #
Bronco 92-93 33001
Bronco 94-96 2WD ABS only 33001
Click here for details

Used and works great. COmes with directions, you just need to stop by local auto store to get attaching hardware like fuse tap mini blade, heat shrink tube, etc. Pretty straight ahead install.

Priced: $150, includes shipping to anywhere in U.S.

PM or contact me:
[email protected]

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Did it allow you to use a different rear axle without VSS?
No it does not, this unit just allows your PSOM to show the correct speed without re-programming it. It also avoids the whole lockout issue with PSOMs. This is perfect for those who change their tires season to season or change their tires for towing etc.
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