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16" Rims on a Bronco

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I think this is my 1st post on here. I have two Broncos a 1995 XL and 1993 Custom. They both have 5.0L and 5 speed transmission in them, they are almost the same. We drive the 1995, its clean and only has 62,xxx miles on it. The only problem is the rust over the rear wheels. The 1993 is a getting a complete overhaul, my brother is going to install a Cummins 4 BT in it.

I need a new set of rims and tires for my 1995 Bronco. I'm thinking about putting a 245/75/16 on it. For a 245 tire, what width rim should I get? Also what brand of rim should I buy? I want a Black Steel Rim, I'm leaning towards Black Rock Rims.


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first post since 09... where ya been? i know some stock wheels come with 235's on 15x8 wheels so im sure you can go 8 on width. not sure how they would look on wider wheels. as far as brand i think thats totally up to what design you decide to go with. get some pics up of ur trucks.

This is the 1993

This is the 1995, we used it this year to plow snow. We are going to buy a 96/97 F-250 this to plow with. We're not going to use it again to plow.
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I'm considering the same thing, but I want to use a 265/75 16 which is very close in overall size to a 31X10.50 15. I'm leaning toward a 16X8 wheel, but haven't decided for sure yet.
Re Wheels

I changed mine to 17" Lightning wheels and went with 265/70-17 Yokohama A/T's . No clearance problems at all and it seems to work well of road as well as smooth highway driving.:rockon
I have 285x75x16 on 16x8's with no problems at all. 3.75 backspacing did the trick for me.
265/75-16's fit without an issue my 90 had them when I bought it. Black rock rims look to pretty good I only have one and it is carring my spare at the moment.
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