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this motor was supposedly rebuilt aways back when i bought it i was gonna just freshen it up and put it in my 85 dodge ramcharger but i got my bronco finally..

well this 1968 la motor is in decent shape it comes with complete short block with 68 heads with rocker shafts and rockers the heads are complete ,pre smog means you u dont have to pin the exhaust for emission if your using it for an offroad /racing motor .. this motor has a new water pump the cylinder walls look good the tops of the pistons are clean and the engine rotates fine does not bid up .. this motor also includes a new mechanical fuel pump balancer, pullies..

well i know it isnt a ford but maybe one of your buddies is looking for one. well let me know if anyone is interested i have a bunch of pics i can post as well..


leave me a private message or email me at [email protected]
also getting rid of the 85 dodge ramcharger 4x4 if anyone is interested.. i used it for daily driver then just playin with.. would need alot of work to get it through emissions,all smog removed from vehicle.. the front two fenders have some damage but the truck is in fair condition if someone is looking for something to rebuild or just beat offroading.. this truck has a 318 auto but has piston slap hence the reason why i got the new motor that i was going to put in the does drive and run fine.. the truck has a borgeson steering shaft and holley red pump i switched it from mechanical due to eating the pumps up so i ran a holley electric red pump.. the steering shaft and red pump are both 6 months old.. well if anyone is interested let me know
ill sell the new 68 block with truck for $500 4 everything if anyone wants a new toy for offroading.. or 450.obo for truck and 150 for motor or 500 for package deal..
im located in delaware county ,pa,19061

thanks butch

if anyone has and questions drop me an email or private message..
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