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I have a lead on a 1977 half cab bronco at a sealed auction (everyone sends in sealed bids and they’re all opened at the same time). Starting bid $9000. I’m new into this world and all I know is that I want it. Any idea what the true value might be?

I had a mechanic take a look at it and he was really impressed. Some points:

-23k miles
-302 engine
-Manual transmission
-Unknown if power or manual steering
-Converted to fuel injected
-Suspension redone
-High quality winch
-Paint and body in great shape
-New exhaust
-Locking lugs
-New BFG off road tires
-Heavy thick undercoating, with some very minimal surface rust
-Rear diff is wet, but no actual drips
-Minor surface rust under the hood

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First thing is a 1977 Bronco is not a Full Size Bronco. You need to ask this question over on clasicbroncos.com.

That said, what you're describing can be worth anywhere from $15K to $50K. Some points to consider:

* There were no 1977 half cabs - a 1977 VIN will start with U15 . . . A half cab vin will start with U14 . . . This Bronco would have been an original Wagon model.
* 23K miles is very suspect for a Bronco with the mods listed.
* Would need lots of pics to get to a better value.
* Need details on the "suspension redone". Is it lifted? If so, how much? Who's kit? Fenders cut? Size of tires?
* Aftermarket winch bumper?
* What injection? Mustang? FiTech? Holley Sniper? Other?

Good Luck!!
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