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78 BRONCO RANGER XLT -351M-C6-NP203 TO 205 SWAP -9IN 3.50 REAR
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Just wanted your guys opinion and thoughts on the transparency of the side marker lights-
these are the DEPO brand from LMC- would the ones from DC be the same or not??
I just went thru a similiar experience a few years back with DC and the backing body of the instrument cluster .-when I put either of the signals on -the green arrow --> indicators flashed -but so did the "fasten seatbelt " and the "brake" indicators on either side with the four ways ON .Also lighting up the floor like a courtesy bulb.Brought this up to DC telling them how disappointed I was and could not believe I was pointing out a flaw with DC-who me??? -They told me to keep the flawed cluster-they sent me a new one which seemed to have a paint or coating of some sort which did prevent the light bleeding thru.So I was under the impression that DC will take it from here and work on correcting the issue .I was just happy that they did send me a replacement cluster which didn't bleed behind the dash.Just can't believe paying all those USdollars to the best Ford replacement parts store for our trucks and have this kind of issue with a so called DC OEM part. They got the stamping right but used the wrong plastic.An item which I would highly recommend all members to eventually replace is the cluster body.I was tired of bulbs falling out and having the cluster become so brittle and literally fall apart in your hands. Any comments ,stories or experiences -I would love to hear all input.-especially if you have purchased a cluster backing or side marker from DC.
**Would love to know if DC has corrected this issue- Thanks for reading-all input welcome-SEE PICS


DEPO(LMC) TOP VS OEM FORD BOTTOM Light Automotive lighting Vehicle door Automotive exterior Bumper

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