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1978-79 Race Track Trim

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Anyone know where you can source new race track trim and the belt line trim for the 78/79 broncos?
I have checked LMC and Bronco graveyard with no successs. I doubt if anyone will run these again as they are limited to 2 model years, although the pickups share some the pieces.

Just looking for some possible solutions.
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Just checked lmc and they have it in stock
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Yes...Just checked LMC and they have it. I have a bag of the plastic clips somewhere if you need them. Don’t have them all though.

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Can you provide a link
One thing I don't see is upper rear corner.
I checked several pieces are out of stock .
You could use pin striping where it goes. Silver and black center for the race track trim
Use only the center trim that runs the length of the bronco.
I have seen pictures of this done. I know it’s not the same but it looks pretty good anyway

I almost did it myself but went with a solid color instead
Next repaint will be single color. Unless someone runs the trim again
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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