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1978 Bronco 015HL W/ 77 400 Swap

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Hello everyone, im new to the site. Im in need of some help with my new project. This is is 78 bronco but with a 77 400 in it. The guy before me didnt give a lot of details unfortunately. Im just trying to get the right parts in and get this thing running. The dude before me said it needed a different distributer and fuel lines ran and it should run fine.

Could someone please help me identify what distributer I would need? Any other related advice would be also appreciated.


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That looks like a Mallory unilite dizzy. Good product. Only thing it may not play nice with the duraspark ignition box. I’ve not ever tried mixing the two.
If that dizzy doesn’t work you can get a remanned duraspark dizzy from most any parts store as long as the PO left all the duraspark wiring inplace. If not I’d recommend a one wire HEI like this from summit racing
1978 FORD BRONCO Summit Racing Blueprinted HEI Distributors SUM-850025
I’ve had good service from the one I run and it’s price is not bad.
The problem with the remanned duraspark dizzys I’ve found is cheap chinesium pickups that burn out and the lack of quality duraspark boxes available.
Oh and get rid of that glass fuel filter and put a good fram or comparable filter on. Those glass ones leak and cause fires.

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