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1978 Bronco 015HL W/ 77 400 Swap

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Hello everyone, im new to the site. Im in need of some help with my new project. This is is 78 bronco but with a 77 400 in it. The guy before me didnt give a lot of details unfortunately. Im just trying to get the right parts in and get this thing running. The dude before me said it needed a different distributer and fuel lines ran and it should run fine.

Could someone please help me identify what distributer I would need? Any other related advice would be also appreciated.


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We could use some more details, such as:
1. Have you had it running at all?
2. Does it fire?
3. Have you checked for spark?... fuel?
4. Never trust in whole what a PO tells you.
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You'll need to make the fuel in the tank is good before trying to suck that stuff up to the carb. Put in a new fuel filter also. Make sure the spark plugs are in decent shape. Check all the wiring related to the ignition system. Then give it a shot and let us know what happened. Good luck.
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