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Click here for my Build Thread

It's time to part with my '78 Bronco Ranger XLT. Check out the build thread. I never drive it and no longer have time to work on it.

Asking $9,500 - email
speedyweasel at gmail dot com or send PM here. Cross-posted to FTE. Subject to prior sale. Will update original thread with answers to questions.

Cashier's check only. Will arrange shipping at 100% buyer's expense.

Condition: Running, not registered. $300 in back registration due (haven't driven it for 2 yrs.).

Body: Straight, mostly rust-free. No cancer anywhere on the vehicle.

Lift: FRONT 4.5" Rancho coils. REAR Sky shackle flip with add-a-leaf pack.


  • Installed Hedman 89210 "Hedders" - California-legal with CARB E.O. decals
  • RARE NON-CATALYST DECAL ON VALVE COVER. Does not require catalytic converter(s), even in California. It's a 1978 400 that was sold to an Arizona dealer as a "49-State Emissions" vehicle.
    • Strictly speaking, it is against the law to install catalysts on this engine in California.
    • Yes, I have documentation. (See photos from CA smog tech handbook below)
    • Yes, I'm right.
    • Yes, it passes smog - legally and above board - every two years without cats.
    • No, it doesn't have evaporative emission controls... and it doesn't need them. That means no stupid charcoal canister treating the fumes from the fuel tank and feeding them into the intake. It also means you don't need to buy a $300 plastic charcoal canister every couple of years.
    • I have the Ford "build letter"
  • Professionally re-cored radiator with new tubes/fins (no plastic crap or Chinese imports) in 2016 (pic below)
  • FULLY re-sealed engine in 2016 - removed engine from truck to go through everything - haven't driven more than 100 miles since then.
    • Valve cover gaskets
    • Freeze plugs
    • Intake manifold
    • Header gaskets
    • Water pump gasket
  • NEW Oil Pump (2016)
  • NEW Water Pump (2016)
  • Duplicolor Bed Armor covering the entire interior up to the waistline. Think I still have some left over if you want the kit.
  • Grey/black vinyl 50/50 bench up front (non-stock).
  • Fully stock grey/black vinyl bench in rear (stock - 75% condition).
  • Braided stainless, vinyl-coated custom brake lines from master cylinder to prop. block. (2013)
  • Bendix replacement brake lines on both axles. (2013)
  • 35" BFG KM2 with 99% tread left (maybe 500 miles on them... maybe) over 15" wheels
  • Stock 5-lug Dana 44 front, Ford 9" rear. Stock gears.
  • C6 trans (have a NIB shift kit that I'll pass along with the truck)
  • Dash cover
  • Spare 35" BFG KM original gangsta mud tires (2 of them; they're about 12 yrs. old [can provide date code/photos upon request] and most shops won't mount them but they'll be fine as "get home" tires on the trail)
  • Installed 1-ton brakes in rear (2013)
  • Installed 1-ton vacuum-assist brake master cylinder (2013)
  • Spare sun visors
  • Drop Pitman arm - not installed but I'll throw it in
  • New door panels
  • New clearance lights
  • New parking lamps
  • New tail light assemblies
  • New grille insert - "Brite" finish
  • True dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers
  • Spare 15" wheel - unmounted
  • New-ish window scrapers (2013 install)
  • Body trim kit (original). Standard "waist-line" style, not the racetrack design. Includes original mounting clips but I'd advise buying new ones prior to installation - these are brittle as they're 42 years old.
I have the factory interior rear panels that were the source for the "Sticky Thread" on interior panels. You might want to trace and refabricate them rather than reinstalling these. Also have the support/backing structure for the panels.

AVAILABLE (not incl. in price):
  • NIB DEAVER 6" LIFT COILS (front)
  • Professionally rebuilt T18 4-spd. manual with granny 1st gear, incl. tailshaft housing, Ford clutch pedal assembly (with linkage for throwout), BBF bellhousing (no clutch), flywheel
    • Bought/rebuilt to install behind the Cummins 4BT engine that I intended to install in this truck. Never did the swap due to CARB issues; sold the 4BT.
  • "Cactus Smasher" grill guard, un-assembled but complete (not the factory variety but the common "plate-and-bar" design
  • HARD CORE truss system for D44 front axle - unassembled but complete. Bad ass design - never installed.
  • High lift "tractor jack"
  • Ball joints up front
  • Shocks all the way around
  • Steering damper
  • Carpet kit installed
  • New dash panels (like LMC 49-6213 BEZEL-CHROME/WOODGRAIN "B" 73-79 $149.95)
  • Windshield washer fluid tank and pump (have spare control switch if you want it)
  • A/C system charged, leak tested (complete system installed but empty)
  • Screw holes patched on roof (some yahoo installed some KC lights decades ago and then plugged the holes with bolt and RTV)
  • Factory roll bar reinstalled
  • Tilt column looked at - steering wheel wiggles up/down
Photos Galore:



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