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1979 Bronco Coyote Swap

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Hello, I have owned a 1979 Bronco since I was in high school. I tore it apart my first year in college in 1997 but didn't have the resources to do what I wanted to it, marriage, kids, life, divorce etc. all got in the way. Now I am 42 and have the funds to do what I want.

I have purchased a 2016 F150 Coyote motor that only had 32k miles from a wrecked truck. I just picked up a ZF-5 S5-47M transmission to put behind it. All bolts up as it should, the motor has the original Flexplate from the automatic and I need to know what clutch to get for this. The transmission is from a 99 F250 SuperDuty but the seller did not know what motor it was behind. likely a 5.4L V8 or a 6.8L V10. They all share the bell housing pattern with the newer 5.0L Coyote. The 5.4L flywheel and Mustang 5.0L flywheels on RockAuto seem to be different sizes, so not sure which I will need to work between the two setups. I am thinking for the starter to line up, I need the 5.0L flywheel, and maybe the 5.4L or 6.8L clutch???


Flexplate through the Slave cylinder hole.


bolted together to verify fit and alignment. Need correct bellhousing bolts. These were the 114mm ones that allowed the motor on my engine stand...

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Have stock clutch and flywheel from '17 mustang if you need any measurements, or want it you can have it. If your close to Indiana. It has heat marks on it from slipping under hard use at drag strip, but if helps.
I know mantic and mcleod will spline a clutch to what ever you want, to match the input shaft.
Common on a mustang to move from the stock splines to something bigger with more spline count, or if moving from stock mt82 to a tremec etc....
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Likely way down the list but make sure your tuner you get (if you dont have one) can do a crank position re-learn.

Cool thread please make sure to update it (or a build thread) with pics and stuff as you go. Super interested to do this to a 76-79 Ford myself.
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Experience on these combos says that you will need to at least do the crank shaft re-learn. This could be done at a Ford dealer too. That is totally to do with changing the clutch not so much due to your combo.
In the Mustang the stock (or in my case Roush) tune is super finicky about the intertia of the drivetrain, due to protections it has built in... I swapped clutch and flywheel and had to get a new tune to make it all work correctly due to these changes. They are also super picky on the air box and exhuast as well. For example removing the air filter will throw a CEL on a 5.0 mustang.
It is possible your pcm will be a bit different being from the Ford Performance kit. Hopefully it is.
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2017 Mustang, 3.73 geared car with 6 speed manual is around 2100/2200 rpm at 70 mph, never usually at 70 very long so don't have exact rpm... :devilish:
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