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1983 to 1993 tail light swap

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I been pulling this 1992 truck apart for a motor swap. I was looking at the tail lights and they looked so much better than mine and in better off to the swap. this takes 15 min to complete. here is the stock tail lights on my 1983.

here is the stock 1993 F150 lights on my parts truck.

there are 2 PHillips screws on the outside of the tail lights and 2 on the inside of the tailgate side. then remove the 2 light bulbs and light bulb sockets. then put the bulbs in the new lens assemblies. and put the 2 outside screws and only the inside bottom screw will fit unless you want to drill a new top hole. i did not worry about it.

here is a closer view of the new tail lights.

they turned out great. just to make the parts truck look too bad i put my lights in it. looks sorta funny.

this was a fast easy way to upgrade the rear look of your truck.......mike
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i did this on a 84 bronco i used 87 tail light s i agree man they look better
i like the boxer ones that come on the 80-86, but to each his own, bronco looks great no matter what. love the big mud flaps too, how did you mount them?
thanks. I made the mud flaps so i could put them on and take off easy and fast. here is a pic of the mount and hitch pin install.

i got more pics on my super motor site if you would like to see more. i spent the last 2 weeks cleaning up that site and adding more pics.....mike
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thanks, i got some mud flaps i wnat to put on, probably just do it that way.
Thats cool, I do however like the 80-86 style the best. The 87-91s with the wraparound reverse lights just look odd to me personally.

I want to do that swap on mine too. Looks good.
Thanks very much for that guys. I'm actually going a bit further with this tail light thing. I want to put black smoked Altezas in. You might cringe but the lights do look very modern. I'll send a pic in when I have them fitted and the truck repainted.
Cheers Pete.
just to add, the 87-91 and 92-96 F-150/Bronco taillights will work on the 80-86 Bronco as pictured. I have a set of 92-96 cleartails used only for car shows, and run the 88 lenses due to that larger backup light lens that ST83 mentioned as well as the "smoother" look and feel, JSM84

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I went the other way around :brownbag

When I busted a tail light on my 95, I got my neighbours tail lights off his 86 he was going to junk. It looks like ass, but I didn't have to buy a new tail light.
I have 83 tail lights on my 94
I like how they fit inside the body. I havent broken them yet
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