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Need to get rid of my Bronco due to family needs and my current commute. I have put a decent amount of time and money into it and it just needs extremely minor TLC to be a decent dd. Right now the major problem is it has a random shut off issue that only occurs while driving. It appears to be coming from the coil wiring/coil but due to work and time constraints I have decided to sell it and let someone else fix and enjoy it.

Pros and New Parts
351 Ho
SMI Quadrajet (Maybe 1000 Miles on it)
Older Rancho Lift
Front End COMPLETELY rebuilt (less then 1k miles)
Clean Body (No Rust) worst part is a dent in the drivers door.
Clean interior other then the door pocket and a tear in the drivers seat.
New Belts, Hoses, Water Pump, Thermostat & Housing, Fuel Pump, Fuel Hoses, (Less then 1k Miles)
Ford Racing Valve Covers and Air Cleaner
BC Broncos Kick Down Cable (has not been cut yet)
Also including a box of parts that includes: New Trans. Modulator (HD Black Stripe), New Trans Filter and Gasket, other MISC Parts.
Also Including an Edelbrock 1406 Carb that has an off road kit installed, with a 1 inch Phenolic Spacer

As said above, the random shut off issue is why I am not driving it right now.
Has a trans leak (only when sitting) which comes out of the dipstick tube. Very common on C6 Trans.
Needs Tires

I honestly want 3k for it but if you give me a reasonable offer I will consider it, please don't shoot me lowball offers or Trades. Thanks.

PM me or Preferably text me, ask for Justin 602-247-1921


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Great looking truck at a solid price, good luck with the sale!

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looks like lots of interest... just no extra scratch.

bump for a beauty. :thumbup
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