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1984 Mustang SVO

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Ok, guess the other thread was closed. Anyways, this is a1984 Mustang SVO for sale. It’s Black with a gray cloth interior. This is a 2.3L turbo car that was the most expensive engine option back then, over any V8. It has a special ratio T5 5speed with a 3.43 geared 7.5in rear axle with disks with 5lugs all around (only fox body with 5lugs or rear disk brakes until the Cobra). SVO's had a unique suspension with rear slapper bars and adjustable Koni shocks (stock) in back and Koni struts in front. The front uses a modified fox mustang geometry that uses a more aggressive camber curve that handles better than any stock 5.0.

This car is in good condition, the paint is good with a couple scratches and the only rust is a very small bubble on the bottom of the hatch. The dash is cracked from sun, and the seats have some wear in the seams around the bolsters. The carpet and headliner are both in good shape.

the car has new tires, all new brakes, heater core, spark plugs, plug wires, dist cap & rotor, coil, water pump, pcv valve, adjustable wastegate, high flow catalytic converter, air filter, alternator and probably some stuff I’m forgetting.

This car has been for sale since last summer, but has had no takers yet. My dad is selling it, so if anyone is interested I will contact him for pictures. The car drives very good; it is strong, and has tons of clutch life. Originally he was asking $4800, which has since dwindled to $3800obo. According to, this car has an average value of over $6000.