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85 Bronco, 309ci I6 w/4bbl, np435, 4" lift, 37" Irok NDs, 4.56 w/ Detroit Locker and tru trac
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Yesterday I did lots of little stuff to the bronco.

I installed the secondary brackets for the York, installed the pressure switch on my air tank, installed my water temp warning light sender, and removed the shelf-it. The shelf-it hung down too low for wheeling visibility. I also siliconed the 4bbl adapter plate to my intake. Also got my header collectors sealed and bolted to the exhaust.

I also got started on my new radio bezel. I picked up a minty one from the JY. Had to drill 8 holes for switches and 4 for indicator LEDs above the radio. 3 for electric fans and one for the York OBA, all with indicators, then two for my grille mounted lights, one for my emegency electric fuel pump, and one for my subwoofer volume knob.

Here's a pic of the installed headers and intake.

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