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1985 Ford Bronco Custom, 4WD, 351 V8 4 BBL Carb. This is a rust free Bronco from the Southwest, that was moved to NY. All original sheet metal, paint, chrome, engine, and transmission. Very desirable barn find original paint, unmolested Bronco with the 351 engine. Clean AutoCheck Vehicle History report. Truck is CLEAN underneath! This generation bronco is RARE, check for yourself on Ebay, only 6 other 3rd Gen Broncos for sale!

This truck was in a photo shoot for jean company Cult of Individuality! (photo #1) Pictures were in their Fall 2014 Lookbook and used to be featured around their website. Behind the scenes photos can still be found on photographer Hassan Kinley's personal website.

Beautiful bench seats front and rear, perfect for packing in everyone for a trip to the beach, or cruising around on a friday night with the lady in close.

I recently had the following work done to the Bronco: Flushed and changed all the fluids, new brakes all around, new shocks up front, new valve cover gaskets, new Moog radius arm bushings, more powerful Saginaw power steering pump swap, new thermostat and water pump, new U joints and centering yoke, new outer tie rods, new rear power window motor with upgraded bushings, new weatherstripping almost all around, new front rotors and hub assemblies, a complete tune-up, and many other fixes.

Original jack with handle under the hood. Original factory AM/FM radio in great condition. Presets and all work. I have OEM Bronco front fender emblems, previous owner removed from vehicle, they have not been put back on. Original engine and transmission (both rebuilt, unknown mileage). Odometer is only 5 digit and shows 91,600, but I do not know how many times it has rolled over.

This truck is mostly original. Very few items have been modified or upgraded. Changes that have been made:

Very rare stock Ford under hood tool box. I have been offered a few hundred dollars for this box alone. It is a great way to safely store some quick tools or part under the hood.

New front and rear speakers. Didn't want to, but the originals just were no longer cutting it.

Original interior was ripped out (ripped up and old vinyl flooring and ripped up cloth seats), the bare metal floors were lightly sanded, cleaned, and painted with Rust Bullet Black Shell paint (photo #2) to create a super strong rust proof floor. The floors and rear fender walls were then layered with sound dampening material before the flooring was laid down. All new Vinyl flooring from Bronco Graveyard, and seats were replaced with great condition black vinyl seats. I will include both the original black carpeted lower door kick panels, as well as some custom vinyl kick panels I made that look amazing, just not installed (I would recommend some self tapping stainless steel sheet metal screws would look sharp). Dash pad was cracked up like most Broncos of this generation at the 5th speaker area, so all chipped vinyl was removed off of dash pad, and applied a fiberglass resin over the top. It looks pretty good, but I think it would look better with a skim coat of bondo to smooth it out, and repainted for a real slick look. I added a manual choke for cold start, can fire right up if sitting for a few days. I did the Saginaw pump swap, you can use 2 fingers at idle to turn wheels back and forth, great for offroading. I had plans to add hydroboost brakes, but never got there. Again, I am sure I am forgetting things, but I will try to add info as it comes to me.

This Bronco is in excellent condition. Body needs minor attention. In most areas, the paint is in great condition for being original (please see pictures for issue with passenger side door and hood where attention should be addressed to). Tires are less than 2 years old and have very little wear/miles on them. Comes with a full size spare. Truck just passed NYS inspection this week. If vehicle is purchased in NY, I have the NYS parks 4x4 beach fishing permit that is very desirable in the summertime, but unable to be attained this late in the season I will include. Nice Ford Racing headers and air cleaner. Not pictured, I have a rear cargo area pan to protect the rear vinyl flooring also included in purchase.

Since I have purchased this truck over 2 years ago, it has been babied. I bought it from a guy who got it as a real barn find. Literally the truck sat in a barn for years, which is why it is so clean. Never taken offroad by me. I put a lot of money into this truck, with the intention of bringing it to local shows.

Now, I will try and highlight everything that needs attention:

Engine runs hot. I dont know how easy/hard this repair could be. I have tried everything within my ability to resolve the issue (flush radiator, new thermostat, new water pump). No problems in winter, but runs hot in 85 degree plus weather, or stop n go driving. I keep an infrared thermometer in the truck to monitor the temp. It appears the radiator is removing the heat, but sometimes can get really hot, so I shut it down to avoid doing any damage.

Windshield wiper pump not functioning (I have a new pump in box, I never got around to replacing it, this is included in sale).

Rear window goes up and down great 90% of the time. Sometimes it feels like it is getting hung up on the wiring harness in the tailgate, and you will have to change directions briefly to continue closing window.

AC is not cold enough. This is an 85, so it uses R12, not R134. I had some R12 in a tank and added what I had, it made it cooler, but I did not have enough. I feel like this should mean a full charge will cause functioning AC, but I cannot confirm that info.

Previous owner sanded down part of the passenger side door for some reason(see pictures). And the hood has a dent on the passenger side (looks like someone tried to shut it with a tool in the fender?). Other than that, the overall paint is in good condition for its age (it is a 30 year old truck).

Gas tank sending unit is probably bad, very common. I track the gas in the tank based off the mileage, since the gauge is inaccurate. All other gauges appear to respond properly.

I made new rear inner panels, but they were not made great. I would recommend replacing them at some point.

Hard top clips and bolts could use new ones. Previous owner lost some of the originals, and I replaced some with larger generic clips/bolts, but never loved how it came out. I wanted to get all OEM clips and bolts, but never got them. I have the trim that goes over them, I was going to paint them black to go better with the interior, but never did. They come with the truck, but uninstalled.

You can smell exhaust, and the engine is loud. I believe this to simply be an exhaust donut gasket. Not a hard fix, just soak the bolts as long as you can ahead of time to prevent breaking them, and take your time, as those bolts can break during that job, making it 100x harder.

Previous owner cut all vacuum lines associated with the smog system(this is a common hotrod technique to increase horsepower). All smog components are still there, ie charcoal canister, but vacuum lines were cut. Be sure to know your local smog laws. Most states do not check smog on vehicles over 25 years.

Anyone familiar with this generation truck knows that the gas filler neck has a small exhaust tube compared to the newer trucks, so you cannot fill the gas tank at full gas pump speed. You have to throttle the pump handle in order to fill the tank. I do have a gas filler neck from a 92 Bronco available for an additional cost to the purchaser of the truck (easy replacement. 3 screws and 1 hose clamp to swap).

This vehicle needs to be seen to fully appreciate, and would welcome anyone interested to view and drive vehicle before purchasing. Disregard all stains on the driveway. I underestimated the amount of oil in the truck and did not have a big enough drip pan during a recent oil change lol. Don't hesitate to email me with any questions. As you can see, I have been as honest and forthcoming as I can. You will not find another truck in this condition North of the Salt Belt. I am getting married in less than 3 months and need to free up some cash. I love this truck, and wish I did not have to part with it! I would also assist with setting up shipping if needed. Clean NYS title in hand.

This vehicle is sold in "as is" condition with no guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied, for the vehicle.
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