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Does anyone know if there is a source that perhaps has an entire interior screw kit available? I am getting ready to remove the interior out of mine and all of the sill plate screws, kick panel screws have seen better days. I can get screws to replace these but i would really like a kit to replace all of them.
Yo robbz28,
See sill plate screws @ Door Sill Plate Set and Stainless Steel Threshold Plate Set

Member @Gacknar wrote "
You can find those screws at Advance Autoparts, they should be on the Stores flore with the rest of the body screws, and body clips.
(usually near the Bondo and sand paper, but some stores are differant)

If you ask a parts person, they probably wont know what or where they are."
Check HELP section.

Ask at a NAPA Store. They usually have boo-koo parts catalogs.

Auveco® - Bronco/Ford truck door hinges, trim panel retainer pins, hardware, body bolts, u nuts, etc. Catalogs are available only through authorized Auveco distributors
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Bresco - interior & exterior trim clips, fasteners, etc.
Bresco - interior & exterior trim clips, fasteners, etc.
Call SK1966 - 1982-92 F-Body Interior Screw Set 129 Pieces


See many more Bronco trim sources from O m my partially restored site @ Ford Bronco And F-150 Links - FORD BRONCO.
Thanks to member Schwim!
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