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I finished pulling one of the three 460 motors I scored this past Friday. I now have more 460 motors than I need so I may as well sell one or two.

This motor was from an 87 F250 4X4 truck. My understanding is this was a running motor but had no way to start as one of the guys from the yard pulled the carb and PS pump from the motor. The truck was hit hard on the rear drivers side of the bed. I forgot to look at the mileage but the truck had really clean interior.

I pulled the trans with the t-case and the t-case shifter is even in working order. The case feels tight and there is no signs of leaking. The rear drive shaft is a slip yoke style.

The motor is complete minus the carb and PS pump. Air pump, AC pump, the rest of it's there. I even have the frame pearches and motor mounts so one can just bolt it in an 80 and up chassis and go. I cut the trans cross member.

Make me an offer or I will even take something in trade for my 78 bronco I am restoring and who knows what else. I do not want to ship this thing. I just don't have the time to take on that sort of task right now.
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