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I recently noticed that my 4x4 has stopped working. I have the electric buttons for 4x4 and low range options. The low range button works and the light on the dash appears but when I try to put it into 4x4 I hear a tic where the control module is located and no dash light appears. I ran a test on the control module behind/under the glove box and it tested good. I then went under the truck and took the transfer case motor off (the one that looks like a window motor). I had my dad turn the truck on and try both the 4x4 and low range while I watch the motor and it turned. This lead me to believe that the male part coming out of the transfer case and connects to the t case motor was seized up but I could turn it by hand. I have read through other forums and everyone seems to have a different problem than me. I appreciate any help and suggestions. Thank you

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Yo Dcott7,

I have to roll now, see 3.
.Attempt to shift into 4H from 2H or 4L results in the module clicking and chattering and the system stops in 2H
If the vehicle won't shift into 4L, check the speed sensor and the transmission interlocks (neutral or clutch in). Also check the 4L switch (C3) to see if the module is getting a signal. Be sure to check for corroded connections.
@ 1989 Ford Truck F 250 4WD Pickup V8-460 7.5L - Diagnosis of the Electric Shift 4 X 4
Source: by Dustin S (Dustball, Mellow Yellow, Mr. Laser Boy
1356 Electric Shift Speed Sensor Wiring Diagram & "...The speed sensor is important because the vehicle must be stopped for a shift into or out of 4L. The shift module won't make the shift if the vehicle is moving. speed sensor should show 225-275 ohms with the vehicle stopped. Check at the module connection..." Miesk5 Note Ford Part Number is 7f293 speed sensor.
Source: by Dustin S (Dustball, Mellow Yellow, Mr. Laser Boy

1356 Electric Shift Speed Sensor Location & pic in transfer case tail housing
Source: by yoomooman (eddy)

1356 Electric Shift Speed Sensor Replacement Information & in an 89; "...took about 45 minutes to remove the yoke, tail housing, and solder/splice/heat shrink the new sensor in place..."
Source: by kf4amu (Will H, The Beast) at FSB
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