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selling my 1988 f150. Looking to get a newer powerstroke.

"brand new" 302 60,000
Rebuilt AOD Trans 60,000
GT40heads with roller rockers have 20,000 on valve job

I am the second owner. The first owner had the original motor blow up because of a clogged cat. I bought the truck with 20,000 on motor and tranny bone stock. I had a valve crack and seat, so I replaced the heads with the GT-40s(originals) All 8 cylinders still had cross hatching and all 8 pistons were perfect. Not sure the cause of the seated valve. Heads were in great shape when I bought them, but had a valve job, clean and resurface done anyways.

On 2/27/10, I retourqed the head bolts and rocker bolts, installing new Lower, upper and throttle body Felpro gaskets, ECT and EGR sensor & EGR vacuum Solenoid, PCV valve, Injector O rings, Distributor O ring, Vacuum hoses, Header gaskets, Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus Valve Cover Gaskets, Cap & rotor, thermostat and signal switch. To date, there are no oils leaks other than the rear main seal.

On 4/11/10 I replaced spark plugs, 8mm accel plug wires, 40,000 coil, fuel filter and o2 sensor

Almost everything under the hood has been replaced including; battery, battery cables, soleinoid, Alternator, starter, Spark plugs, Plug wires, ACT, Aftermarket Temp gauge, TPS, IAC, Coolant hoses, water pump, heater core, power steering hardlines, cylinder lock, ignition actuator and many other odd and ends. I have flushed the coolant system the past 3 summers.

I replaced the front 19 gallon fuel tank along with the sending unit and fuel pump and fuel filter last summer.

I built both front and rear bumpers. 3/16 CS welded inside and out. Front bumper features 4-100 watt offroad lights and 2- 50 watt driving lights. Two outer lights wired to seperate switch, two inner to seperate switch and two driving lights to seperate switch. All wired joints were soldered covered with shrink tube or taped. Each switch has its own fuse. The rear bumper is also made of 3/16 CS, with tube bracing from hitch. Two towing celvis' and two backup lights. They will take a beating. I know first hand. A car hit the corner of my rear bumper ripping both fenders and creasing both doors, with only a scratch on the herculiner on the bumper.

The series of switches are on a custom center console which also holds a Voltage gauge, Temp gauge and Oil Pressure gauge. Two cup holders big enough to hold a Big Slam.

Pioneer CD player, two 8" Rockford Fosgate subs and 250 watt amp bolted down.

Interior was gutted, blasted and coated with Herculiner bed liner. Original Carpet was reinstalled.

Hedmen longtube headers, True duals, X pipe (welded O2 bung with new O2 sensor) two Dynomax Ultra Flo mufflers, 90's with tips.

Heavy duty Steps made of 2x2x10ga Tubestock bolted to the frame.

Hardtop tonneau cover and built a heavy duty "cargo rack".

Brand new 33x12.5 Wrangler Duratrac tires less up on last fall. Very good traction in snow and icy roads.

Rebuilt front end including Moog balljoints, Tie Rods, Tie Rod ends. U joints, wheel bearings, Camber/Caster bushings. Aftermarket Warn Lockouts. Front and rear gear oil has been replaced a few times since I have owned it. Wheel bearings and alignment 3/12/10. Balljoints, tie rods ect checked out good.

New front and rear driveshaft U joints

Both front and rear brakes have been replaced including all new hardlines and hoses. Approx. 10k

4" Rough Country suspension lift, with rancho shocks. Blocks in rear, but leafs were new when I bought the truck.

I am including the 4 stock tires and rims along with the Cowl intake I made.

The Bad:
Rear main seal leaks a little. Typical issue with this series truck. I find it not worth replacing because they usually end up blowing out anyways. The leak is not something I worry about, MAYBE a quart every 2000-2500 miles. No drops on the ground like typical fords this series.
Needs body work! I have 3 bushwhacker Extend-A- Fender flares I will be including.
The Drivers side seat is ripped from wear.
The A/C needs recharging. I never bothered as I have power windows for Air conditioning.
The radiator might have a small leak. The leak is nothing major, I have just noticed coolant on the lower radiator hose assuming its comming down from the radiator.

The boxed frame where the steering gearbox bolts onto cracked which looked like a gradual crack. Gearbox was removed, crack was welded, along with the frame crossmember and stitched the boxed frame. My alignment guy said its stronger than stock and I do not think it will ever be a problem in the future. Its been over a year since I found this, and have pulled the steering gearbox to check it out and everything is good.

This is my first truck, and I started building on it my Seinor year in High school and it slowly progressed. It has rarely been offroad and has been well maintained as it is my daily driver. Everything installed were quality parts, not cheap ricer junk. Oil was changed every 2-3000 miles. Truck is very dependable and will need little to no work mechanically. The truck doesn't pull any codes, starts, runs, drives and shifts like it should. I drive 20 miles @ 65 mph every day. I am selling because I am looking for an extended cab 3/4 or 1 ton powerstroke.

$3750, OBO will consider any reasonable offer.

Email if you want additional pictures. Otherwise search my name for various posts and pictures. Located in Mankato, MN

Contact Josh at 507-469-5096 Call, Text, E-mail, PM
[email protected]
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