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If I get rid of it, what do I do with the line from the gas tank?
I wouldn't get rid of it. The EVAP system on these trucks is stupid simple, and keeps the fuel vapors where they belong. It takes very little effort to keep it intact and working. There's only one electronic piece, the rest is just hoses. It will be the same between both years as well.
Thanks @miesk5 , this was the exact information I was looking for. I will be keeping the EGR Valve for simplicity sake. The head block off bolts are exactly the trick I was looking for (can’t wait to show my dad that they make a part that just bolts on... he always rolled and welded the cross over tubes).
TAD/TAB, glad I can just get rid of those sensors with this kit.

So one question I still have... the Campbell Soup Can vacuum reservoir on the right hand fender, does it control the HVAC system, or is it now no longer needed?

I have a couple of questions about the charcoal canister, but will post them after I take some pictures.
The soup can is for the AIR and EGR system, you still have the EGR system so keeping it would be wise. Though TBH, the EGR system doesn't operate under situations where there would be low vacuum (heavy throttle), so you could probably do without it. If you look at the evaporator box there's a Vacuum reservior sonically welded to the side which is dedicated to HVAC.
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