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Title says it all for the most part. Ran fine when pulled. Tranny broke so I did a 460/tranny swap at the same time. Pulled the truck into the bay with a tractor, started the motor to have power steering while it was going in and ran just like it always has. I was never happy with the lack of midrange and top end power it had, which was probably a direct result of the lack of low end power it had. But regardless I put a 460 in and my problems are solved....except I've got this complete 302 with wiring/sensors/computer everything else sittin in the cargo area waiting to be gotten rid of. I cannot vouch for the longevity of this motor, seeing as it was in a Bronco it was driven hard moving all that weight, not to mention it was my first truck when I was 17 and I was not at all easy on it. But aside from oil leaks it uses no oil. Spark plugs are clean and have no deposits on them, engine runs extremely smooth, no hesitation when accelerating, starts right up every time. But with 160k miles on it I think its due for a rebuild.

I will take very little money for it, basically lookin to move it out of the Bronco into a good home if anyone wants it.
200 bucks?
Any questions holler
-Will Heybruck
[email protected]
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