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1989 Bronco Smoking Steering Column

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It's not bad but...I just noticed it today on my 1989 Bronco. I was searching the web for some recall data. It appears to have been a problem way back when in the mid 90's. Any of you foks had th problem?:

I pulled a fuze or two but the problem still there. Under acceleration is when you see it. I have tilt and cruize.:shocked
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Recall 96V071000: Ignition Switch Short Circuit
That is the recall number according to the web site
Change out your ignition switch @$20.00 ford P/N F2TZ11572E. Napa has them for under $15.00.
Thanks AZWOODY....thats a snap.

:chili: :rockon
ya i got that recall in 95 or 96 for my 90 f150, never had a problem tho
Made the repair and the problem is gone. Guys....really appreciate it. I've had a lot of experience with cars and trucks...but I have not had fire/smoke problems, Just luck I guess. Regardless...thanks.

By the way Steve..tried to get the recal ignition switch....but the recall time had lapsed. $15 at NAPA...but from FORD ....37. euhhhhhhhhhh. Genuine though. lol:thumbup :chili:
By the there anyway to get that click/click rotational spring action back into your ignition switch? I notice that slowly over the years the ignition needs more and more help being rotated back into the on position after a start. Is this a simple lubrication issue or wear in other components?
The spring action is in the ignition switch, and it usually doesnt wear out. And since you have a new one its a moot point. The linkages/gears in your steering column is the culprit. A side effect of this is you probably have to twist it harder to have it start as well.

There is a C shaped piece of crappy metal that transmits the forward/backward motion of the ignition cylinder gear to the rod on the top of the steering column that goes to the ignition switch. It likes to break, so all the twisting of your key wont do anything to the ignition switch, except maybe turn it to ON. The more force that thing sees, the quicker it will break.

The stickiness is probably your ignition cylinder, which is easy to replace.

Thanks, kf4amu. Guess I need to start looking for some new guts for the ole column.:thumbup
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