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1989 horn not working

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Hey everyone here's my problem.My 1989 FSB horns don't work,the yellow/Lt green wires are connected to the 2 horns behind Rt headlights and all wires look good at the horn switch assembly behind steering wheel pad.Should I now see if power is getting to the horns,seeif horns are bad? Also, the 30amp fuse is good,thanks.
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yo, yeah, check for 12v DC at each horn;
and then;
Relay Location in an 89; "...under the middle of the dash, but it's probably not the older metal 3-terminal relay attached to the cruise module; it looks more like the FP relay. If that's what you have, I suggest you chop it (& the FP & EEC PWR relays) off and replace it with a Bosch/ISO; But remember that it's possible for your horn relay to be working perfectly & the wiring or the horns themselves could be bad...."
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at Ford Bronco Zone Forums

I don't have access to my stuff @ home right now; so I can't look at a wiring diagram; have a Haynes or Libray card number? if so;
Repair Manual, Mostly Chilton; many local library's offer free online access for their members; just log-in w/your library Card # and password; incl. all Broncos, & many MAKES! 1951 to 2009; some years (85-96, I believe) include: FULL Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls, Labor Hours per repair (plug in appl info); Wiring Diagrams, Vacuum Diagrams (in DRIVEABILITY AND EMISSIONS CONTROLS Section), Specifications (torques, etc.) & Maintenance Intervals
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Thanks for the info,I don't have cruise control in my '89 FSB will that matter in relation to having a horn relay?
yw, but, it looks like non-cruise 89's do Not have a Horn Relay

Look at these Haynes Wiring Diagrams for 87-89 Bronco & F series
Source: by equivalent (Beetlejuice) at
Horn Relay @ C 1
DK BLU for cruise and no cruise

It shows; to Relay with Cruise

and to Horn Switch without Cruise
then in diagram @
See Between B & C 15
shows (W/CRUISE CTRL) for relay

YEL-LT BLU & BK BLU @ Switch

See if the wiring color codes match
and now I see that Adrianspeeder once wrote that non-cruise do not have a horn relay!
This is news to me, sorry about that!
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Just for info: In California it is illegal to blow your horn, unless you are in danger of an accident, or to warn others. Ca, Vehicle Code. California has so many laws.

I rewired mine, and put in a set of air horns I got at the "cheap tool place". Bought a horn button at the local parts store (+ lotsa wire, crimp on connectors), bypassed any relay and wired it directly to the battery with a fused line. Button under the dash, where I put in with a couple screws; out to the horns. So, now when I NEED the horn I reach down to the button, not the "professional" way to do it, but it works. I love those loud horns, they come with a small little compressor...look out: LOUD! The touble I had was where to mount them.

You might re-wire stock horns, but I haven't done that.
I have an 89 ford bronco horn only works when key is off as soon as I turn on or start vehicle the horn no longer works
Check fir hot as “big m” recommends likely bad wire under the dash or contacts in the wheel, might be corrosion in the wheel on the metal contacts.
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