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Well, Ive just finished with DMV today, Ive got a clear and free title to one nice 1989 XLT with a 351W. Thats *ALL* I know thus far, dont know what kind of gearing or tranny yet, and really dont give a shit, just glad to have it! :eek:

Ill get some pictures posted soon... Heres what it needs:

1) New engine: It was towed today to a friends garage, there going to put a reman in it for me.

2) Side quarter glass with privacy: Found one for $60, new they go for $350. Ive still got to find someone to install it for me before I lay out any money.

3) Power windows: From what Ive been told, the windows dont work. Ive got a new Everstart battery sitting in the back of my S-10 Blazer (Right now, thats the best part of the truck, the battery thats sitting in it! :) and havent had a chance to check anything out. The battery thats in the Bronc is tombstone.

Heres what Im working with for cash:

$850 - Paid already, got a clean title.

$1,100 - Reman engine, not yet gotten

$550 - Labor, engine swap

$60 - Quarter glass

$?? - Glass install

$?? - Get power windows working if I cant

Ill keep you peepz updated on the progress!!

Ive gotten all the trailriding out of my system and this will be a daily driver with casual off roading (No, Tellico is out of the question! HAHA). Ive already located some 32 tires for it, $440 installed, mild AT tire, should be perfect for my application.

Anyone know where I can get some badazz steel bumpers for '89 model Bronc for less than $500 each??

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